Box - Handcrafted and Unique


Cover is in African Blackwood (Grenadilla, Dalbergia melanoxylon) with gold dust mixed in Shellac

Body is in African Blackwood (Grenadilla, Dalbergia melanoxylon)

One segmented ring constructed with handcut segments of the Strawberry tree burl (Arbutus unedo)


The box has a diameter of approx. 71 mm (2.80") and a height of approx. 84 mm (3.31"). Its net weight is approx. 211 grams (7.44 oz).


All segments have been measured, sawn, sanded, waxed and polished by hand


The bottom of the craft is laser engraved with the PersistentWood logo and with the names of the wood species used in the craft.

Project 012 - Handcrafted - Grenadilla - Gold dust - Strawberry burl

€ 195,00Price
  • I send with Belgian postal services Bpost Pack World. Prices depend on where you are located. Customs or import duties if applicable in your country are for you, the buyer.

  • I take the number of hours it takes me to craft the object by hand (measuring, cutting, sawing, sanding, fitting, glueing, turning, waxing, polishing) and I multiply it with 35 EUR per hour. To that I add the cost of the wood as a raw material (between 15 and 50 EUR depending on the wood).